About Real Flowers

Real Flowers was incorporated and incepted with the idea of being the “best professional florist service provider” in the industry. While the industry is cluttered with unorganized road-side players in the market the idea was to be organized and emerge as a professional florist service provider which works like any other corporation and gives quality and fresh product each time all the time on time and more importantly with honesty and a genuine smile. In one words Real Flowers !!!

The demand for a professional service in any industry is ever growing and with globalization, we Indians are travelling more often getting exposed to the world class service providers and it is only natural that they get the same experience here in India. Real Flowers search for quality flowers and service is a never ending quest and each delivery till date we only learn how to better ourselves each day. What started 10 years back as a being a simple and honest professional florist service provider Real Flowers has grown with times and have developed many products and services to cater to the demand of our new evolved customer.

We have over 1000 plus original bouquet arrangements on our website plus the facility of getting them delivered with various delivery options. So as a customer if you want to send fresh flowers in Delhi to your mother on mother’s day and you want it to happen before 8 am, yes we can do it for you. Similarly, if you want to send cake to Chennai with fresh flowers to your wife at mid-night, yes we can also do it for you but the difference in the way Real Flowers do and others comes from our years of experience and learning. As soon as you place an order online our system locate nearest florist based on your delivery pin-code and your order is passed on to the nearest florist for action. This not only saves time but also ensures that flowers, cake and other products reaches in time the way you wanted it to happen.

Real Flowers believes in having a symbiotic relation ship with our local florist partners across India and each local florist is as important to us as our each customer and so invest a lot in them. Over years we have developed and harness this florist partner relation ship and have grown with them. We have done various florist workshop programs with them and have send trained professionals to them to impart knowledge to their staff on how to make a bouquet more presentable, how to handle new customers etc. Over years we have nurtured these relations with our hundreds of florist partners both professionally and personally and have seen business and trust grow year on year. As an organization we were the first to start many new kind of services like guaranteed delivery in 3 hours and fix time delivery something which our competition imitate but never could gurantee it 100 % all the time. Thanxs to our localized florist partners program we seamlessly offer such services across 200 destinations in India like clock work precision.

Money is important but money is not the only thing. Real Flowers strive for 101% customer satisfaction and even a slightest displeasure in our services we gurantee 100 % money back. End of the day its not the money that make us but it is your complete satisfaction that makes our day. 

As business grew and challenges multiplied so did business opportunities and with world wide web - a brave new world opened for us. Real Flowers never really wasted a moment. We soon began ideating on launching our own web site www.realflowers.biz

The site was finally launched with over 1000 plus original fresh flowers bouquets photos all clicked in our office. Real Flowers is the only online florist to actually have over 1000 plus original fresh flowers bouquets photos. Our nearest competition can at best boost of around 300 bouquet photos. From regular red roses hand bunches to very exotic lilies basket arrangement. From a regular red carnations hand bunch to 200 red roses 4 tire tall arrangement we have it all. You can also choose to send cake from premium bakeries like Birdy’s to exotic cakes from 5 star hotels bakeries like Taj Mahal Hotel bakery. Then there are indian and imported swiss chocolates, sweets methais, soft toys, indian and imported champagne and wines. The list is endless, as we believe in pampering our customers with endless choice and variety.

Services offered by Real Flowers:-

  • Normal Delivery between 10 am to 6 pm
  • Express Delivery with 3 hours of confirmed order
  • Early Morning before 8 am
  • Mid-Night delivery
  • Fix Time delivery
  • Multiple Deliveries in a day like every hour bouquet

Fresh Flowers by Real Flowers:-

Pune Rose, Ooty Rose, Bangalore Rose, Pune Carnations, Bangalore Carnations, Ooty Carnations, Bangalore Orchids, Thailand Imported Orchids, Asiatic lilies Flowers, Oriental Lilies Flowers, Exotic Birds of Paradise, Anthuriums, Gergeras, Rajnigandha and Gladiolus.

Cakes by Real Flowers:

  • Cakes from regular bakeries
  • Cakes from premium bakeries
  • Cakes from 5 star hotel bakeries
  • Cakes from Taj Mahal Hotel bakeries

After establishing our excellent services in India, Real Flowers wanted to take on the world. Soon we entered into professional partnership with leading florist around the world and now we offer fresh flowers deliveries worldwide. Today Real Flowers offer florist services to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, South American, African Nations, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Eastern Asian countries and all European nations.

For Real Flowers future is bright and full of possibilities what started as an idea 10 years ago is now a large corporation but a simple and humble philosophy to be the “best professional florist service provider” and do it with honestly, integrity and a genuine simple. 

Real Flowers is owned and run by East India Company, Mumbai and you can connect with us via email orders@realflowers.in